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  • Jerry R.
    1 year ago
    "When I first came to Peak Motion Physical Therapy, I needed help to put on my socks & tie my shoes. I moved something like a 90 year old man. After a few weeks of their gentle and effective approach to my physical healing, I feel great. I am more flexible and have more movement than any time in my life. Thank you Janie, Marci and Nicolle for the patient and caring help you have given me. Each visit has truly been a blessing."
  • Rick R.
    1 year ago
    I have been very pleased with my progress at Peak Motion. I had a lot of pain and was walking with a limp. After several weeks of therapy, I no longer limp and feel much better. Marcie did such a good job teaching me how to do exercises that I can continue to do at home. The atmosphere is so nice and all are so friendly. I felt they were all working to help me feel better. I would recommend Peak Motion Physical Therapy to anyone. My name is Rick. I have had back problems for over 40 years. After coming to Peak Motion physical therapy for only 2 weeks (4 visits), I have no pain, and I am darn certain when I keep doing my simple maintenance procedure, I will not have back problems any more. P.S. I have seen over 12 different chiropractors that haven’t helped me much. -Happy Trails,
  • Elizabeth S.
    1 year ago
    When I first started treatment at Peak Motion, I had been struggling with IT band syndrome for about a year and a half. After the first treatment I immediately felt a difference. By about the third week, I felt my leg was strong enough to do a lot of the activities I hadn’t done for awhile. Now I have absolutely no pain or discomfort in my leg, and I can go about my day sitting in class or working without having to worry about it. Thank you very much. When I walked into Peak Motion Physical Therapy, the pain from my lower back and down my leg, caused my leg to feel like it would give out. I walked with a limp from the pain. Four treatments later, plus motion exercises shown to me by Dr. Janie, has me back to normal & doing things I used to do without pain.
  • John N.
    1 year ago
    "My first visit to Dr. Hett was the result of a referral in July by a chiropractor here in Spearfish who had been treating me for lower back pain and hip pain for about three months. I was impressed with my initial visit and thorough examination and her professional approach. My back pains declined with twice a week visits and home treatments, but hip pains did not improve. In late August I made a visit to an Orthopedics office and was diagnosed with a severe hip problem needing a replacement which was performed in October. After my release from the hospital it was my choice to see Dr. Hett for my physical Therapy. I made good progress with her therapy sessions twice a week, and my twice daily home treatments until getting my “cap and gown” in November. I will continue with my home sessions using the information provided by Dr. Hett and also continue workouts at the Spearfish Recreation Center." "P.S. I shall never forget the friendly greeting soon after I walked thru the door from Monty."
  • Morgan M.
    1 year ago
    My name is Morgan and I am a college athlete at Black Hills State University. I have struggled with severe back pain for many years and my recovery has been unsuccessful with numerous doctors and chiropractors. When my back is under a lot of stress and strain, it tends to shift. The upper part of my back would shift one direction and my hips would shift in the other. This pain restrained my physical activity movement and made it extremely difficult to even walk. Peak Motion Physical Therapy was able to discover the cause of my pain within my first appointment. After only four meetings they were able to develop stretches and activities to help with my back pain. After dealing with continuous back pain for many years, it was a great day when all the pain wet away thanks to Peak Motion Physical Therapy!
  • Devon L.
    1 year ago
    Janie, I just wanted to let you know that I am feeling so much better. I got a new chair that is great and the pain has been seriously reduced to almost nothing. I wanted to thank you so much for the help you have given me, not only with my back but also with other things. I feel like I have hope again!!! Thank you also for the card you sent. You are amazing at what you do and I know your future will be bright and rewarding!! I just want you to know that you have made a difference in my life and that is more than most people accomplish in a lifetime!!
  • Richard P.
    1 year ago
    I would like to express my gratitude to Janie and the staff at Peak Motion Physical Therapy. After suffering from severe lower back and leg pain for some time I sought treatment. Janie has been very compassionate and professional in treating my symptoms. I’ve always been greeted with a big smile and a, “ How are you doing today?” She has went above and beyond the call of duty to help me. Having Janie as my Physical Therapist is kind of like going to grandmas house for a piece of hot apple pie! Simply Wonderful! Thank You Janie
  • Scott K.
    1 year ago
    I am an avid golfer! My right shoulder was hurting! My grip on the club was coming loose on the downswing, NOT Good! X rays showed no muscle tears. The Peak Physical therapist, Janie at Spearfish was absolutely great! After a couple weeks of programmed therapy, the grip problem was gone and my upper body strength was tuned so that I was getting longer golf drives than ever before! All my golfing partners said, “ I want some of that too!” I really appreciate the help I received, it was friendly cordial and professional!
  • Tacy B.
    1 year ago
    "I originally came to Janie when I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in my left foot. The pain was overwhelming, and not getting any better with anything I tried. So, I made an appointment with Janie at Peak Motion Physical Therapy At first I questioned if we were getting anywhere with the therapy, but after a few sessions the pain was subsiding and I was able to walk for most of the day without pain. Janie was a wonderful person and I felt she was genuinely concerned about getting me the help I needed. By the time the therapy was ending, I was walking normally with little to no pain. It was a rather sad day when Janie determined that I was doing well enough on my own and that as long as I did my exercises, I would no longer need to come in and see her! I say this was sad as I had come to trust Janie and found her to be a very delightful person as well as skilled at her profession. How often do you look forward to going to a medical appointment? I would highly recommend Peak Motion Physical Therapy, they have me moving again without pain and it just doesn’t get any better than that! Thank You Janie, I miss seeing you every week!"

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