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Peak Motion Fitness

Peak Motion Fitness, LLC was born around the idea that people in Sundance, WY really needed a gym.  After some investment, additional equipment, and a desire to serve our community, our 24-hour gym became a reality.  We hope to appeal to those looking for a safe, no pressure, easy-going environment to exercise and stay fit at a pace that suits all fitness levels. 

Membership Packages



ANNUAL - $385


24-hour gym access for individual member.  



ANNUAL - $605


Permits adults and children (living in the same household and identified as members on the application) 24-hour gym access. 


DAILY - $5

Permits one adult, 21 and over, access to the gym during normal business hours of Peak Motion Physical Therapy (Sundance location).

Application Forms

You are welcome to stop by the office during normal business hours to pick up an application and fill it out. 


To save you time, we have also uploaded the three forms below.  Please download, print and fill out.  Bring these, along with your photo ID, and payment card. 


It only takes 5 mins to process your application and you'll walk out with your 24-hour gym access token.


  1. Gym Application

  2. Par-Q Questionnaire

  3. Recurring Charge to Credit Card Authorization


Gym Policies

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by the named member/guardian.

The minimum age for individual membership is 21.

Monthly memberships do not require a contract, but we require members to sign credit/debit authorization for monthly recurring charges.  Members may cancel anytime.  To avoid being charged for your monthly membership, please cancel 48 hours before your scheduled charge.  Refunds are not possible.  

Peak Motion Fitness Location

2719 State HWY 585

Sundance, WY, 82729

Phone: (307) 203-1495

Location Hours

Front Desk is manned

Mon-Thurs 8 am-5 pm

Gym is open 24 hours​.

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